Section 301 Tariffs on Chinese Origin Goods

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USTR Announcement July 6, 2018USTR Final AnnouncementSection 301 Duties CBP FAQsSection 301 Duties List 1 UpdateSection 301 Duties List 2 UpdateSection 301 Duties List 3 UpdateSection 301 Duties List 3 FinalSection 301 List 3 Duty Increase as of May 10, 2019Section 301 Duties List 4 as of September 01, 2019

The 15 percent tariffs on goods from China, included on list 4A (see below), will be reduced to 7.5 percent thirty days from yesterday, according to a Trump administration official during a Jan 15th conference call with reporters.

Section 301 List 4A Tariffs to be Halved